At Last! Funko Rock Candy Is MINE

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We’ve been excitedly awaiting FunKo’s Rock Candy line since we first saw it last fall at Toy Fair. One concern I honestly had was that reality might not match up with expectations.

Wave at wave one! Source: Funco.
Wave at wave one!
Source: Funko.

Thankfully, that is not the case. Funko were kind enough to send not one Rock Candy figure, but two; a Wave One Batgirl of Burnside and a Barbie Astronaut. In the case of both figures, stylistically the heads are way larger than the scale they should be for the body, but not as large as a Funko POP figure, of course. This is a stylistic choice and it works. These things are way more detailed than I had thought–not only does Batgirl have fabric folds, but she has treads in her little yellow Docs.

Non Gen Xers just call them "boots". Source: Doc Martens.
Non-Gen-Xers just call them “boots.”
Source: Doc Martens.

If you don’t like the new-look Batgirl (in which case I don’t want to hang with you), then there’s a classic Batgirl, and she’s actually on sale at Amazon. I admit to being impressed that Funko did more than a repaint–this is a totally different pose and everything.

Look at them! Source: Funco.
Look at them!
Source: Funko.

Barbie is just as detailed in design. Thing is, I’m not sure that there’s anything about her that screams “Barbie” vs. “Generic Blond Woman in Space Suit.” Still, my teenage daughter adored the figure.

At $10.99, these Rock Candy figures make a good addition to a bookshelf and are a way to show your fan affiliation. It will be interesting to see what other figures they add to the line as time goes on.

Funko provided me with figures for review purposes, and gave me a choice. When someone asks if you want something and an option is Batgirl? You say Batgirl.


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