Mike wearing a Vive and aiming his hands in virtual space.

VR Twitch 7PM EDT: ‘The Lab’, ‘Final Approach’, ‘Job Simulator’

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Mike wearing a Vive and aiming his hands in virtual space.
It looks less insane inset with the game visuals, so I tell myself. Image: Michael LeSauvage

Even though the article on my VR PC build ran today, I had written it earlier and was surprised yesterday by the early arrival of my HTC Vive. Last night I ran an impromptu setup stream¬†while performing initial setup. Now that the equipment is set up and running smoothly, tonight I’m going to try out a few games, including:

  • The Lab, which is a free offering from Valve, and apparently was the basis for some of the early design testing.
  • Final Approach, which is an air traffic control management game in an actual three dimensions.
  • Job Simulator, which I know nothing about, but was one of the launch titles on the Vive.

Stream will go live at 7pm Eastern Daylight Time and run until I’m exhausted (a few hours). Your questions in the Twitch stream are welcome!

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1 thought on “VR Twitch 7PM EDT: ‘The Lab’, ‘Final Approach’, ‘Job Simulator’

  1. Valves Lab is pretty awesome already! I think VR headsets will just blast our minds away. Development just need some more time but then VR glasses will go really big! Of course there is a good reason why facebook is investing billions in VR companies.

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