GeekMom Fashion Inspiration: Ellie Sattler Beachwear

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Ellie Sattler-inspired beachwear outfit by Sophie Brown. Photos: fair use, see links below
Ellie Sattler-inspired beachwear outfit by Sophie Brown. Photos: fair use, see links below

Summer is rapidly approaching for us northern hemisphere dwellers, which means that many of us will soon be forced out of our geek caves and into the sunlight, ditching our yoga pants and hoodies for shorts and suncream. If the thought of a day at the beach brings you out in a cold sweat, then consider using the occasion as an opportunity for some subtle cosplay, courtesy of Jurassic Park‘s Dr. Ellie Sattler.

Shorts: A comfy pair of shorts is an essential part of your summer wardrobe in most parts of the world. Ellie’s beige cargo-style shorts are a brilliant choice for moms with their large, practical pockets for storing used tissues, spare band-aids, and the 8,000 seashells your child just *has* to take home.

Top: On a hot day at the beach, or even just in the garden, the last thing I want is tight clothes sticking to me. A relaxed baggy top is just the trick. Let’s hope this one doesn’t get torn apart by raptors.

Sunglasses: A pair of large sunglasses are vital for protecting your eyes from the sun. Conveniently,  they’re also perfect for disguising the bags under your eyes from when the sun wakes your kids at 4am. Thanks, summer!

Cardigan: In the original movie, Ellie wears an oversized, salmon pink, men’s shirt over her outfit. Men’s shirts can be a fantastically comfy choice as many of us know, but if you’d like something a little more feminine, swap it out for a cardigan or wrap. Perfect for keeping the sun off your pasty, white nerd skin. Remind me why am I outdoors again?

Hat: You might not be digging up dinos in Montana, but a large sunhat like this one will keep the sun out of your eyes and off the back of your neck as you try to figure out where your darling child has buried your wallet.

Shoes: Ellie’s big boots aren’t exactly beach-wear, so swap them out for a pair of chunky rattan wedges or sandals. Stick with a neutral shade if you want to keep with the Ellie vibe.

Bag: Every mom needs a big beach bag, large enough to hold sunscreen, wipes, spades, frisbees, and, by the time you head home, approximately one-third of the Sahara desert. This gorgeous leaf print bag channels Ellie’s paleobotanist roots.

Shorts: H&M, $12.99
Top: H&M, $14.99
Hat: Steve Madden at Simons, $55
Cardigan: Thanth at Amazon, $19.99
Sunglasses: Amazon, $5.99
Shoes: Uggs at Amazon, $119.95
Bag: MAGID at Amazon, $42.99

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