Is Twitter Dying?

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My daytime job is in advertising. Sometimes, it is a cynical world filled with noise, but sometimes one does get the feeling of informing the masses–of actually catching the gaze of the consumer. Lately, we have been toying with the idea of doing away with Twitter for business purposes. Not that we tweet hardcore sales info; typically we tweet about community involvement, tips, and news. However, the stats on our tweets have gone to numbers in the tens.

twitter1I know, most of you reading this probably think that our tweets must be rubbish, or otherwise we would be doing great. I thought that may be the case also. However, when I went to poking around at other companies, large and small, I noticed the same thing. Bloggers too have become increasingly lost on Twitter. Has this realm of social media become the land of 140-character wise-cracking only? Can you only have a great following if you discuss one of the dancing reality shows?

I want to put the question to you, our GeekDad and GeekMom readers: Do you still appreciate Twitter as a social communication tool, or is it your joke-of-the-day site, or your celeb gossip site? Answer the polls below or let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks!

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