‘DC Super Hero Girls’ Season 2 Webisodes Begin on April 21

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Image provided by Warner Brothers
Image provided by Warner Brothers

After a long wait (and a TV special to boot), DC Super Hero Girls is back with new webisodes on Thursday, April 21, at 10 AM PT with a whole new season featuring their newest heroine, Supergirl!

Image provided by Warner Brothers
Image provided by Warner Brothers

This season promises even more action than Season 1; but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean the series will devolve into just another superheroic beatdown show. In the first episode, “New Beginnings,” we’ll see Wonder Woman try to convince Supergirl to enroll at Super Hero High, as you can see in this exclusive GeekDad clip!

We’ll also get to see a lot more Batgirl and watch as she and Supergirl become best friends. Episodes will debut bi-weekly at 10 AM PT on the DC Super Hero Girls website and their YouTube channel.

Image provided by Warner Brothers
Image provided by Warner Brothers

I was lucky enough to have a chance to interview the voice of Supergirl herself, Anais Fairweather, about what she loves about Supergirl.

GD: Were you a comic fan, growing up? And what does Supergirl mean to you?

Anais: I loved the old Batman TV show, with Adam West. I’d go along to the comic book store with my brother; but it was the Batman show that I really liked. Oh! And the Superman show too!

Supergirl, for me, is just so relatable. She’s just getting her footing and coming in to her powers and really needs the support of those around her. She’s so much more powerful than she thinks she is and her friends help her see that.

GD: Do you have a favorite scene from the upcoming season?

AF: There’s a cafeteria scene in the animated shorts that I thought was great! Wait till you see it!

GD: What about a favorite DC Super Hero Girls character (other than Supergirl, of course)?

AF: I thought Granny Goodness, from the TV special, was hilarious! You never knew what she was going to say. And, of course, I love Batgirl. She’s so real and just wants to help. She wasn’t born with superpowers, so she has to use her mind and her skills. I think it sends a powerful message for young girls.

GD: Have you picked up a Supergirl action figure yet?

AF: They’re hard to find! My Target is always sold out whenever I go. But my mother and sister-in-law got me a couple of sizes. My niece has all of them and I get to play with them whenever I go to visit. She makes me re-enact the entire TV special [laughs].

GD: Do you get to record with the other cast members?

AF: No, we record separately. I like it, though, because then when I see the show altogether, I’m seeing it for the first time just like everyone else!

GD: One more question – my daughter wanted to know “How you got on TV.”

AF: [laughing] That’s a great question! I studied journalism in school; but then it turned out that, really, what I liked was acting like a journalist. I talked to my family and they were so supportive. I ended up going to UCB for comedy and took more classes. It was my agent who happened to mention the voiceover job and was wondering if I’d be interested. I jumped at the chance!

GD: It’s been great talking to you! I can’t wait to hear more of you this season.

AF: Thanks! It’s been good talking to you too. I hope you and your daughter love it!

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