Weekly Poll: Which Stand-Alone DC Movie Are You the Most Excited to See?

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Batman v Superman  is out in the theaters (and, it has to be said, doing extremely well despite the overwhelmingly negative reviews), and, of course, it sets the stage, and includes cameos as teasers, for not only the Justice League movies, but stand-alone movies for the some of the JL characters. And so in this week’s poll, we’d like to find out which of those stand-alone movies has you the most excited? Is it seeing Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman become a fully-realized character, or seeing Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman, Ray Fisher’s Cyborg, or Ezra Miller’s The Flash? Or did Batman v Superman convince you that perhaps Ben Affleck can, in fact, be a good Batman? Let us know below.

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Last Week’s Results

You, our readers, agree wholeheartedly with me this week, resoundingly declaring that Linda Carter is the Wonder Woman. She trounced the competition with a whopping 66% of the vote this week. Lucy Lawless came in second with 16%, while Gal Gadot’s brief appearance in Batman v Superman convinced 12% of you that she was worthy of carrying the mantle. Adrienne Palicki somehow managed to pull in a couple of votes, despite her never-officially-aired turn as Diana Prince in that horrendous pilot, while one of you voted for Leslie Bibb. None of the other women on the list got even a single vote.

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