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LegoStarWarsDroidTales-MainStar Wars: Droid Tales has finally come to DVD. Don’t miss out on this great kid-friendly addition to your Star Wars catalog.

A year ago I wrote about the Star Wars: Droid Tales announcement, and we DVR’d and watched (many, many times) every episode. Unfortunately, they only aired for a short time on Disney XD, meaning for many cord-cutters (we’re not quite there yet), the episodes were unavailable, until now!

There are five 22-minute episodes on the DVD: “Exit from Endor,” “Crisis on Coruscant,” “Mission to Mos Eisley,” “Flight of the Falcon,” and “Gambit on Geonosis.” The beauty of the series is that your little ones can get a recap of all of the important details from the first six movies with most of the more adult stuff cut out or subtly tweaked (for example, Luke doesn’t get his hand cut off, nor do we get a grisly version of the Mace Windu/Palpatine scene).

There are also plenty of nods to parents that will most likely go over most younger kids’ heads. In the re-telling of the young Anakin scenes from The Phantom Menace, Watoo is constantly trying to sell red flags to our heroes as they talk to and about Anakin, and every episode features Jar Jar getting knocked into space or off screen–funny for the kids, satisfying for the parents.

The re-telling of the plot of the original movies is all done through the lens of C-3PO, as he embarks on a new story as well–looking for the missing/kidnapped R2-D2. I don’t want to give away too much of the new story, but I will say that he is aided by Admiral Ackbar, Chewbacca, and Nien Numb along the way.

The only warning I will give, which I didn’t even consider until it was too late, is that for kids who haven’t seen the films yet (my son has only watched A New Hope and The Force Awakens), ALL of the spoilers are here. It was a great way to do a quick catch-up of all the movies, and there are even a couple of tie-ins to Star Wars: Rebels, which was a nice touch.

LegoStarWarsDroidTales-ContentsAs an added bonus, the DVD comes with a pack of random cards. We aren’t really a card collecting family, but my son loves these anyway.

If you have young kids you want to introduce to Star Wars, or just want a fun re-telling of the saga, Star Wars: Droid Tales is fun for everyone in the family.

Note: I received a review copy of the DVD, but all thoughts and opinions above are my own and based on our watching of the show via TV.

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3 thoughts on “Review: ‘Star Wars: Droid Tales’

  1. I just watched the series for the first time last weekend. As a person who almost turned 44 (I turned it two days ago) I enjoyed the hell out of the series. Onto my Amazon wish list the DVD goes.

      1. We got the DVD, too, and have watched the first episode so far together. My wife and I feel like it’s a great substitute for watching Episodes I–III.

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