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Widower's Wood
Image courtesy of Privateer Press

Walking through my LFGS, a box caught my eye, it had a raging alligator-man with a gun on the cover, and a host of the most detailed miniatures that I’d ever seen on the back. I’d stumbled upon Privateer Press’ Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Box. Not having an RPG group, I grudgingly put it back on the shelf (the power of the alligator-man mini had compelled me to walk nearly all the way to the cash register with it clutched in my arms); but the memory of that set stayed with me.

Then, a few weeks back, I saw a familiar face while perusing our Kickstarter Roundup. Privateer Press was Kickstarting a new game featuring more of those amazing miniatures from Iron Kingdoms. Part of their dungeon-in-a-box system, Widower’s Wood focuses on “monster” heroes and takes place in the wilds of western Immoren.

If you’ve played Privateer Press’ other dungeon-in-a-box game, The Undercity, you know how Widower’s Wood plays. You gather your heroes while the board’s AI spits out monsters and villains to take you out before you can accomplish the goal for the given campaign scenario. To defeat monsters, you choose powers or feats and roll dice to complete stat checks. Essentially, each game is an extended RPG battle where the board itself is the dungeon master (and not a particularly nice one, at that). You can play the game solo or with a group. And the Deluxe Edition even comes with campaign scenarios for The Undercity.

The production value on Widower’s Wood is some some of the best I’ve seen. The art is gorgeous and, through some form of plastic alchemy, the miniatures actually match the insane details of the art. These are, easily, the best game minis I’ve seen from anyone. The hero figures are just dripping with gear.

Widower's Wood Heroes
Monstrous Heroes! (Image courtesy of Privateer Press)

And the henchman and villains are equally impressive.

Widower's Wood Monsters
Monstrous Monsters! (Image courtesy of Privateer Press)

Widower’s Wood only has a couple of days left in their Kickstarter and, while they have well-surpassed their goal (there are now over 80 miniatures included in the Deluxe Edition!), there are still a ton of rewards to be unlocked, such as this gatorman villain:

Widower's Wood Social Goal
Image courtesy of Privateer Press

$140 gets you the game, all the unlocked minis, and the expansion (for 10 total campaign scenarios). If you want to get really nuts – there are exclusive dice and a drool-worthy Wyrmwood rolling tray to be snapped up in the higher pledge tiers. Privateer Press has a great track record producing high-quality games, they’re working with established manufacturing partners, and the game is practically finished. All signs point to a quick turnaround on this campaign. Which is good; because the sooner I can get my hands on some gatormen to paint, the better!

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