Daily Deals 033016

A $100 Smart Phone (Unlocked!) and Cheap Memory Are Your Daily Deals

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 033016

Want to get your kids a smart phone that won’t break the bank if they break it? Or could you give a darn about brand name phones, and just want to feel like you got a good deal on a device that does everything you need without tempting you with upgrade envy? Today’s daily deals are for you!

The BLU Life One X is what happens when manufacturing gets cheap, the OS is free, and companies start competing on cost first, rather than features. The One X is a dual-sim GSM LTE smart phone, running Android 5.1 (Lollipop), and it comes unlocked for $100, That’s not a subsidized price like you pay for the fancy iPhones and Samsung Galaxies, where on top of the up-front cost, you’re paying a monthly charge as well. You buy this phone and you own it;┬áthen you just pay your carrier for the usage. Its screen is HDTV quality, it has a 13MP camera, and 16GB of on-board storage (which you can increase with an SD card). And you can get it today for just $100 out the (virtual) door.

And get memory, lots of memory, for very little money. In fact, you could quintuple the on-board memory of the Blu phone above by adding a 64GB SD card to it, that costs just $18 today! Or add 128GB of storage to your laptop with a thumb drive that’s smaller than your thumbnail. Check out all the memory deals here!

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