SCOTTeVEST Gets in Your Pants and Helps Defend Your Honor

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This is the jacket of a bad@$$ geek.

I  love my SCOTTeVEST coat and I’m going to miss it when it gets warm. It’s just a great way to carry all my stuff. Well, good news is that they just announced the Enforcer Jacket and the Margaux Cargaux Travel Pants. The jacket is a lightweight cotton-nylon blend aimed at the law enforcement community and former military. The “Rapid Access Vertical Panels” are perfect for quickly accessing a firearm or knife. As someone who does not need that feature, I’m more interested in the pants.

The "bud pocket" is *not* for what you're thinking.
The “bud pocket” is *not* for what you’re thinking.

Despite an almost too cute name [edit: apparently this is how you know they are for LADIES], the Travel Pants have 11 pockets and a weight management system to keep you from feeling like you have 11 full pockets. Cotton with added spandex (the same thing super hero outfits are made from- don’t you want to be a super hero?), they look nice. Just not sure if they’re $85 a pair nice.Theoretically, I could fit 80% of what I fit into my System 8.0 coat… except the tablet. It would be nice if I could. These pants are good for frequent travelers who want to cut down on what’s in their carry on – but emptying your pockets at airport security might be a pain.

Available in olive or black; I'm hoping for khaki.
Available in olive or black; I’m hoping for khaki.

We were not able to personally try these, but if you do, let us know what you think in the comments.

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