Insanely Generous ‘Pathfinder’ Humble Bundle

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Pathfinder Humble Bundle

Paizo and Humble Bundle have teamed up for an enormous offering of Pathfinder PDFs at an insanely low price. If you’ve ever had any interest in Pathfinder, this is your chance to get almost everything you need to play for just one dollar! Already have the core material? There’s over $350 worth of Pathfinder goodness in this bundle.

Paizo is the publisher of the popular Pathfinder fantasy roleplaying game. Humble Bundle is a storefront that offers packages of mobile games, books, or, in this case, RPG PDFs from Paizo at a steep discount with some of the proceeds going to charity. You get to choose how much goes to the publishers, Humble, and to charity.

Payment Percentage Selector
You can choose how much of your payment goes to Paizo, charity, and to Humble. Be sure to look for this setting when paying as this section of the screen is collapsed. Screenshot from Humble Site.

There are various levels of benefit. For just $1 you get almost everything you need to start playing Pathfinder. The next two tiers, $15, and the average ($17.23 as of February 24th), open up an amazing amount of additional material.

Humble Bundle
There is an huge amount of ‘Pathfinder’ material in this bundle. Screen shot from humble bundle site.

If you pay $25 you can also order the Pathfinder Beginner Box for the additional cost of shipping. The Pathfinder Beginner Box is an excellent way to learn the game and, in addition to simplified rules, includes dice, pre-generated characters, a flip-mat, and 80 pawns for play.

The ‘Pathfinder Beginner Box’ is an excellent way to learn the game. For $25 and the cost of shipping you can also have a physical copy of the ‘Beginners Box’ in addition to all the PDFs. Image from Paizo.

Interest has been enormous, having sold over 39,000 bundles in just three days. Demand is so strong that the Paizo web site has had difficulty keeping up with PDF downloads. So be aware and be patient, the cost-benefit of buying now is well worth the wait.

Even though I own much of the content of this bundle, some both in physical and PDF form, there was so much I didn’t have that it was well worth it. I also already own the Pathfinder Beginner Box (and have advanced in play beyond that), but I purchased at the $25 level so I can donate the physical Beginner Box to my school library.

This is an amazing opportunity to cheaply get into Pathfinder or increase your collection of rule books and adventures if you already play. The bundle runs until March 9th. You can’t really beat the entry cost of just $1!

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