GBBP Unplugged 6: ‘Deadpool’ & Greg LaSalle

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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Unplugged Episode 6: Deadpool & Greg LaSalle

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It’s time to unplug the circuits…or at least untuck the shirts. We’re back with another off-the-cuff “roundtable” discussion.

This time, we’re joined by fellow GeekDad podcaster (Hey You Geeks and Dadawan) Ric Rebelo to chat about Deadpool, which quickly becomes a wider conversation about how the tone of the film compares to the general tone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and whether we think Disney is looking at the enormous success of Deadpool and thinking about skewing the MCU toward a more adult audience.

This leads us into the Marvel Netflix Universe, which already targets a more adult demographic and allows more room for heroes and villains to develop and become more robust characters.

We round out the episode by chatting to Greg LaSalle, who is the facial performer for Colossus in Deadpool. Greg was actually the recipient of a technical achievement Academy Award for the development of a revolutionary new motion-capture technology, which was used for his performance in Deadpool.

We chat a bit about that technology, how it differs from the motion-capture that came before it, and how the industry has changed as a result of these developments.

Coincidentally, Ric chatted with Stefan Kapicic, who was the voice of Colossus, over on this episode of his podcast. If you’re a fan of Deadpool, I highly recommend checking it out. Combine our two episodes – face and voice together – for some great insight into Colossus!


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