Marvel Contest of Champions Deadpool

Deadpool Joins ‘ Marvel Contest of Champions’

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Marvel Contest of Champions Deadpool

Just a quick update on Marvel Contest of Champions for you Deadpool fans: the Collector put Deadpool in charge of the latest set of quests, and he’s made a real mess of it. As far as Deadpool goes, this one includes a lot of silliness but is fairly tame–so it’s kid-safe even if the movie is very much not.

Marvel Contest of Champions Deadpooloid
Deadpooloids–like Symbioids, but with Marketing Power.

Deadpool pops in to talk to you throughout the quests, and he introduces a few new enemies to fight. First, there are the Deadpooloids–these are the Symbioids from before, only they’re dressed up in Deadpool masks, swords, and boxers.

Marvel Contest of Champions She-Hulk
She-Hulk brings the pain.

Two other characters show up, both in dialogue and as characters to fight: Old Man Logan and She-Hulk. Logan fights a lot like the Wolverine character, except he mostly uses his fists and only breaks out the claws for special attacks. She-Hulk has her own set of moves, a mix of punching and wrestling that are unique to her. (That’s always nice to see, because the majority of the female characters have the exact same fighting moves, only differentiated by special powers.)

Marvel Contest of Champions Venompool
Venom and Deadpool: two great flavors that taste really weird together.

Finally, there’s Venompool, a hideous mash-up of Venom and Deadpool that Deadpool has accidentally unleashed on the world. He fights like a mixture of the two, and his 3-power special attack is a hilarious mix of the two.

The current set of quests lasts for just under three weeks, so if you want to get in on the action, check it out soon.

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