9 Reasons Why Cats Are an Introvert’s Perfect Pet

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Lavinius and Ezra. Photo: Jenny Bristol
Lavinius and Ezra. Photo: Jenny Bristol

I’m an introvert. I also love cats. Cats are my favorite type of pet. And I’ve had plenty. Dogs, cats, dwarf hamsters, rats, snakes, bunnies, and even a hedgehog. (Audrey. She was the cutest.) But I’ve found that cats fit in best with my lifestyle. They basically take care of themselves, with a small bit of work on my part. I believe that cats are an introvert’s perfect pet. Here are some reasons why.

1. Cats don’t go outside. It’s safest for cats to stay indoors, especially if you live somewhere like I do with coyotes and other predators prowling for an easy dinner. Introverts’ preference to stay at home a lot is quite compatible with a cat’s lifestyle. They really appreciate it when you are at home and can provide food or a lap, or when you scatter empty boxes around the house.

2. Cats use a litter box. Even with a fenced yard, dogs still need to go for walks. And, while the great outdoors is their litter box, guess who gets to pick up the fresh poop? Caged animals require cleaning out the entire cage regularly. Too much mess. Cats do their business in a convenient, relatively small box. All you have to do is scoop it and refill with litter as needed. So much easier. And it all happens indoors, except for taking out the trash, which you have to do anyway. You can even order your cat food and litter through Amazon Prime and not have to venture out to the pet store.

3. Cats fit on your desk. Though they may shove things off to spite you, they will lay there and keep you company as you work. You can even pet them without stopping what you’re doing. Also: belly rubs.

Lavinius says, "Rub my tummy!" Photo: Jenny Bristol
Lavinius says, “Rub my tummy!” Photo: Jenny Bristol

4. Cats are easy to cuddle with. Their bodies are flexible and they are small enough to hold, and they will cuddle in any nooks and crannies that your body provides. (Not in a dirty way. Get your head out of the gutter.)

5. Cats don’t jump on you as you walk through the door. At least I’ve never had one that did. They generally respect your personal space, at least when you’re standing up. Some cats will even leave you alone most of the time!

6. Cats aren’t constantly demanding of your attention. Sure, they can be obnoxious at times, but then they go off and sleep for six hours. Inevitably, when I had a dog, when I would get the rare peace and quiet of a house to myself, the dog would pick that opportunity to be the neediest pet ever.

7. Cats take care of you when you’re sick. Many cats somehow have an extra feline sense to tell that you’re unwell, and they come rest with you while you’re recuperating. They’ll cuddle you, nuzzle you, and just be generally awesome. Or maybe it’s just that your feverish body gives off the heat they crave.

8. Cats give you an excuse to stay seated. If you have a cat on your lap, the rule is that you don’t have to get up. If you love having cats on your lap, you know what I mean. Other people will do things for you like bring you food or take your dishes to the sink. In turn, when they have the cat on their lap, you help them. It’s the nature of things.

9. Cats are easier for others to take care of when you go out of town. Cats are easy: food, water, litterbox, done. Dogs and caged animals require a lot more work, which can be taxing on friendships, or awkward when asking for help. Friends are much more likely to be willing to help with cats. And when you go out of town for a short trip, like a day or two, you don’t even have to find a friend to take care of the cats. Just leave enough food and water, along with a clean litterbox.

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