GeekDad Livestreaming "Hearthstone": Attempting to Build a Competitive Deck for Free

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With Hearthstone setting quarterly revenue records in the third quarter of 2015, and how those numbers have changed Activision Blizzard’s planned future in the mobile gaming market,  it’s safe to say that the online trading card game is a with the company and with fans alike.


So, what does it take to get started and to field a competitive deck? How much do I need to contribute to the company’s first quarter 2016 revenue in order to have a good time? What is the real barrier to entry in order to join?

Those are the questions we’re taking a look at tonight as GeekDad livestreams Hearthstone tonight at 7:30pm Eastern/6:30pm Central on Twitch.TV. Join us as we attempt to build a competitive deck using cards available to players without spending a dime and take our free decks for a spin.

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