5x Video and 5x Tabletop: 10 Cool New Gaming Projects on Kickstarter This Week

Reading Time: 1 minute



Hero’s Song
Built by ex-Sony vets. Become a legendary hero in a dangerous and mysterious world.

Destroy everything and troll your way through low-poly weirdness.

Invisigun Heroes
Some really innovative gameplay here. Everyone’s invisible, including you.

Rides With Strangers
Like Five Nights at Freddy’s but with higher stakes and more creepiness.

Dragon of Legends
Online action RPG with vikings and everything else.



Karmaka: A Tactical Card Game for 2-4 Souls
Transcend the karmic status of dung beetle and head for Transcendence.

Control: A Strategic Card Game
You’ve ruptured time and space. Can you escape the rift before it collapses?

Province: Deluxe Edition
Laboratory Games returns with an expanded version of their hit microgame.

Vasty Wilds
Explore the roots of a beautiful, weird world in a card-based board game.

The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction card game
The race to the bomb was destined to become a game.

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