10 Awesome New Gadget Kickstarter Projects This Week

Gadgets Kickstarter


Orison – Rethink the Power of Energy
Designed to be a no-hassle and attractive energy storage system for homes.

microscape | Architectural Cityscape Models
Highly detailed, 3D-printed slices of Manhattan.

Fabulous Beasts – a new kind of game
We’ve tried this — a super-fun combo of digital and real-world play.

Wikitongues Poly: Share and learn every language in the world
Creating a record of languages that are threatened with extinction.

TYLT VÜ Pulse for Pebble Time
It’s a smartstrap, adding better fitness tracking to your Time.

ChameleonMini – A Versatile NFC Card Emulator, and more…
Fun for anyone who wants to hack around with NFC/RFID stuff.

Infrared module for FPV night flying
For when you want to fly like a bat.

Tack: The One True Light for City Living
Some good ideas for solving lighting problems in small apartments.

Valley Speak: Deciphering the Jargon of Silicon Valley
Strangers in this strange land might want to bring this book.

Air Bonsai | Create your “little star”
The latter half of this video is outrageously zen.

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