‘Twas the Night Before Star Wars

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‘Twas the night before Star Wars
And all through the ‘Net
All the rumors were stirring
Making me fret


Luke as a Sith?
BB-8 is no Binks!
Han says “no myth!’
What are Rey’s links?

Wife’s hair in a bun
My kid’s a Stormtrooper
I don’t find cosplay fun
I’m a party pooper


When from the monitor
There arose such clatter
I sprang from my couch
To see what was the matter


When what to my screen fatigued eyes should appear
But one last new tailer despite release being near!


When an adorable robot
Rolled across the bright screen
My mind wandered to Lobot
What could this all mean?


Away to the theater I drove like a flash
Tore open my wallet
And pulled out my cash


One ticket I said
The cashier gave a low sigh
“We’ve been sold out for months!”
The chance had passed by!


There’s Chewy!
Then R2
and more


There’s Leia
There’s Han
There’s oldies galore!


To the top of the charts!
To the first weekend’s money!
“JJ Abrams has smarts!
This new movie’s not funny!”


Getting back in the car,
Now realizing my folly,
My soul had a scare
I was not feeling jolly


Then briefly I looked
In the coffee cup holder
And saw that my wife
Had been ever more bolder


A ticket! A ticket!
Not just one but three!
We’d be going on Friday!
I squealed out with glee!


And as my car left the lot
And I drove out of sight
I heard someone shout out
“My the Force be with all! And to all a good night!”

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