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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 18: And Life to Go

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This episode features what I like to think of as the three Cs or podcasting: contemplation, congestion, and… cats. Only the best for you, loyal listener!

You can listen below, download episode 18 directly, and subscribe to the RSS feed. Whatever you’re comfortable with.

00:44 Malibu Shark Attack – “Better Off As Friends
02:59 Talking / Inverse Phase – “Thnks fr th RAM
03:53 Wordburglar – “Rhyme O’ Clock (feat. More Or Les)” (content warning)
07:53 Crayondroids – “Fat Bottom Girls (Crayondroids Remix)” (content warning)
10:40 Southside – “Blackout” (content warning)
13:16 Chokeules – “40-Year-Old Vegan
15:51 The Doubleclicks – “Coming Home to You
17:27 More talking / Inverse Phase – “Thnks fr th RAM”
18:45 Dual Core – “A New Hope” (content warning)
22:25 Maja – “Transformer
26:31 My Parents Favorite Music – “Purple Shield
29:46 Harry and the Potters – “Save Ginny Weasley
32:44 Even more talking / Inverse Phase – “Thnks fr th RAM”
34:24 Adam WarRock – “GRWN UP KDS” (content warning)

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