Get Your Girls Bending Circuits With the DIY Girls Creative Electronics Kit



It’s an ongoing quest to get kids, and especially girls, into the STEAM fields. There’s so much of a “girls aren’t good at/will never like technical stuff” attitude, where overt or just under the surface, built into so much of our culture that it feels like an uphill challenge. But there are good folks working hard to turn things around.

Our sponsors today are the fine folks at, an organization with the goals to:

  • inspire women and girls to learn technical skills and make real products
  • help young girls create, build and experience technology from 5th grade – high school graduation
  • develop a community of women that will learn together, collaborate on projects and share their experiences with young girls

And to that end, just in time for the holidays, they’ve put out the DIY Girls Creative Electronics Kit. The kit includes parts and instructions to make the 3 most popular projects from their own outreach program teaching electronics to underserved girls in inner-city schools:

Paper Circuits: Start off with the paper circuit starter kit, get an understanding of simple circuits, and share it with the world! Then apply what you learned and build another circuit to light-up your own creation like a holiday card, notebook or gift.

DIY Robot: Create and personalize your very own robot! Add a motor and battery to make it dance all day!

Light-up Tutu: Explore the world of E-textiles by adding digital components and electronics to your tutu and light up the night!

This kit is the perfect gift for any girl who just needs a little inspiration to get them into the wonderful world of electronics.

And right now, the DIY Girls Electronic Kit is available for just $49.95 on KitHub, and if you order soon, they will ship in time for Christmas!

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