“Come To The Darkside. We Have Cookies!”

If you can’t tell by our sweaters, my kids are hardcore Star Wars fans like me. It isn’t a secret and my family knows it.

Image Property of Mel Rininger
Image Property of Mel Rininger

However, if you look closely at my family photo, you will notice this above sign at the top right corner of my fire mantle. Sent to me from a loving family member as a Christmas gift: my in-laws. I think they are trying to hint at something–what do you think?

Maybe being a Star Wars fan while your in-laws are Star Trek fans might invite unwanted gifts like the above sign.

I am thinking next year we will send them a family Christmas photo of us sitting by the fire place eating milk and cookies, and a message stating: Come to the darkside. We have cookies!

The good news: I have an entire year to plan my next attack.

Mel believes that almost every moment in life can be compared to an episode of Futurama. Her favorite robot is Bender Bending Rodriguez but R2-D2 is a close second. She lives in a quiet town somewhere in the U.S. with her four cats, soon-to-be three kids, two dogs, and her husband. Melissa can be reached via Twitter @sacralige.