Kickstarter: RoboMustache’s Unique Bamboo Robot Kits

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RoboMustache™ has a new Kickstarter that offers unique, handmade bamboo robot kits. I stumbled upon their campaign last week and immediately loved the designs. I emailed Charles and he sent me a complimentary sample “Less Than Three” kit within a couple of days. I couldn’t wait to dig in.

Less Than Three packaging

Less Than Three is one of RoboMustache’s™ smaller kits. Its design would appeal to a wide audience, I think. Packaging is neat, minimalist, and features nice graphic design work.

Bamboo parts and wooden dowel

All parts are cut from a single sheet of bamboo.The bamboo has a beautiful, natural finish. The bamboo sheet is four to five millimeters thick. The parts are laser cut and very easy to remove. A small wooden dowel is included for joints.

Fantastic instructions!

The instructions are fantastic. The layout is easy to follow and fun to read. It’s clear RoboMustache™ wants builders to enjoy the assembly process. All that’s needed is wood glue and a hobby knife.

Subassemblies ready for joints

I completed the subassemblies in about an hour. I used quick setting wood glue so as to minimize drying time. Once the assemblies were dry, I finished up the joints. After everything was complete, I had a very cool finished product!

<3 was a fun build!

Many thanks to Charles and RoboMustache™ for the sample. They are a Kickstarter Staff Pick for good reason. They’ve also been featured on the 2015 Martha Stewart American Made. I thoroughly enjoyed this product. RoboMustache™ has a number of kits in the campaign that will appeal to everyone. Check it out!

RoboMustache™ Website

RoboMustache™ Kickstarter Campaign

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