Review: Cienta Shoes for Kids

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Cienta-MainCienta shoes for kids are well-made, machine washable, scented, affordable, and certified green–what more could you ask for?

Buying shoes for my toddler is always painful–knowing they won’t last long and/or will be outgrown soon always hurts my pockets. At under $40 a pair (prices vary depending on model and size), Cienta shoes are certainly more affordable than most toddler shoes on the market.

Even more importantly, though, is that Cienta shoes are certified “made in Green” which means they have been manufactured without any harmful substances, are environmentally friendly, and the human rights of its workers are protected. Products that are certified to all of these standards usually incur a premium price, for which I’m happy to pay because all of those things are very important to our family.

Cienta-ShoesSo what about the shoes themselves? They fit very true to size and the sample we received, model 70997, with their canvas body and white sole, are reminiscent of Chuck Taylors–something I wore a lot of growing up, as did my father before me. The retro styling with the green manufacturing and quality product make Cienta shoes perfect for our family.

One feature of Cienta shoes I forgot to mention to my family is that the soles are scented–its baked right in to the shoe–so that if you have a stinky foot problem (which my son does), you don’t have to worry about them smelling (or at least not smelling as much). My wife, after I first broke out the Cientas, was wandering around the house wondering where the “Dimetap” smell was coming from before I told her that our son’s new shoes were indeed scented (it’s more just a fake fruit smell than a cough syrup smell in my opinion).And, most importantly, despite wearing his Cientas many times, unlike some of his other shoes, these still have no stink!

Cienta-CatalogCientas come in a ton of different styles–almost 40 different styles just in their Fall/Winter line–and all of them are pretty dang cute and very affordable (from $15-$40).

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