Easily Carry Stuff Around With Lay-n-Go

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These days, my son pretty much only plays with two types of toys: building toys and Nerf guns. While we will probably forever find Nerf bullets when we clean, it’s the first category that causes us the most grief: our floors are littered with LEGO and MegaBlock bricks. At least stepping on a Nerf dart in the middle of the night doesn’t make me say the kinds of things that get my kids to yell at me.

Of course, we’re hardly alone in this, and the good folks at Lay-n-Go have devised a pretty elegant solution with their line of activity mats and bags. Their products are made from, to quote their website, “poly ripstop” that’s also “water-repellent and wipeable”. But what really makes it stand out is the drawstring: the entire mat can be quickly cinched up into a sealed bag, so clean-up takes a matter of seconds, and the whole thing can easily be carried into another room for storage or over to a friend’s house.


The company sent me one of their bags, the Lay-n-Go LITE, to review. My immediate thought when I got it was that it would probably make a really good dice bag, and indeed it does. It easily fit my collection of loose dice, and could comfortably hold many more than I have in there.

When you put the bag on a table and open it, it lays completely flat, making grabbing dice (or whatever else you have in there) quick and easy. And when the game is over, we can simply drop the dice back on the mat, cinch it up and head out.

If my kids were a lot younger, I could also see using the Lay-n-Go LITE to bring a small amount of toys to a restaurant or on a plane, where they could easily open the bag and play directly on the mat, and then quickly put it away when needed.

The bag has a Nylon handle to make it easy to carry. While I haven’t had it for very long, everything about the construction of the bag seems extremely durable, and I suspect it will last a long time.


The company has bags in a wide variety of sizes. The biggest, the Lay-n-Go Large, creates a playing area five feet in diameter. I’m already thinking that we may get one of these for my son, so that he can use it to build his more complex Halo MegaBlocks sets. The may provide a smoother surface than the carpet, and he can quickly put everything away mid-construction and know that all of the pieces will still be there when he’s ready to resume building.

There’s a slightly smaller Lay-n-Go Lifestyle that folds out to 44 inches, as well as Traveler, Mini and Cosmo models, all of which are targeted at adults for makeup or travel toiletries or the like.

There’s a good chance you can find someone on your gift list that would benefit from having a Lay-n-Go.

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