A Home Brewing Machine and 8 More Awesome New Kickstarter Projects This Week

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Pico – Craft Beer at Home
The PicoBrew crew is back with a smaller, simpler brewing machine.>

AuraVisor: Virtual Reality Head Mounted Computer
Self-contained VR headset, with no wires to tether you to the real world.

BeeLine – smart navigation for bicycles, made simple>
Abandons turn-by-turn in favor of a point-the-way approach. See also Haize.

The Things Network
Building grassroots urban networks to support Internet-of-things devices.

iKommunicate Gateway, enabling the Internet of Things Afloat
Break the stranglehold of closed standards on marine electronics!

Wink – Learn to code with a bug! Robots for everyone!
Fast little bots that can sense light and follow lines.

Nano Cannon Stirling Engine
Industrial-age ingenuity at work on your desk.

Project Blue Sky
You’re invited to help build a community airplane.

Unwoman On Wax Cylinder
Get the hot track “Come Take a Trip in My Airship” on a very dead medium.

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