First ‘Warcraft’ Trailer Shows Hints of Fantasy Done Right


Finally, the first trailer for Warcraft has been revealed. As a huge fan of Moon, the last film Duncan Jones both wrote and directed (Source Code doesn’t count, he didn’t write that one), I’m really curious and surprisingly excited to see his take on the World of Warcraft. Judging from the trailer, Warcraft could have a solid shot at being the best fantasy film franchise since Lord of the Rings. We’re surely due for some good fantasy after the barrage of subpar fantasy films of the past few years (Seventh Son, Last Witch Hunter). The imagery on display here is gorgeous, and the heavy elements of hard fantasy have a promise of D&D-style worldbuilding. I’m there!

I was never a WOW fanatic, but I’m dying to know what WOW fans think of this trailer. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Leeeroy Jenkins!

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