Exclusive Preview: Scooby-Doo and the Prehistoric Ghost

The Scooby Gang has faced any number of ghosts but being chased by a phantom dinosaur is a unique situation. In this exclusive preview of Scooby-Doo! Where Are You #63, due out Wednesday, they have to go digging (literally) for the clues.

From the official blurb:

Rinosaur!! When an archaeological dig site is haunted by a phantom dinosaur, Mystery Inc. is called in to debunk it. But can they exorcise this prehistoric poltergeist, or will they go extinct in the process?

ScoobyDoo_63_coverds SDOWAY_63_1 SDOWAY_63_2 SDOWAY_63_3 SDOWAY_63_4 SDOWAY_63_5 SDOWAY_63_6

The book is by the creative team of writer David Fridolfs and artist David Alvarez. It will be available at all comic outlets on Wednesday, including digitally.

All images copyright DC Comics.

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