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Hear ye, hear ye, the holiday season is upon us and shoppers everywhere are limbering up and staking out the best deals of the century. But are they really the best deals? Watch the fine print carefully for words that limit the quantity or duration of the deals. That amazingly cheap loss-leader TV might be limited to 5 or 10 per store, leaving your unsatisfied hunger to chomp at TV at a regular or even an inflated price. Beware also of the trampling hordes and angry shoppers. Every year Black Friday inches closer and closer in appearance to the running of the bulls.

Still, some of the deals are good, and may be worth a trek into the concrete jungle. GameStop appears to have some good deals, and I may break my decade old rule and actually leave the house on Black Friday. Mind you it will be a quick sortie to one store, then back home to play games with the family and watch some Netflix.

As for the rest of the deals, I’ll just wait until the atrociously named Cyber Monday, seriously, can we get that renamed to something that doesn’t sound like it crawled out of the ’90s? At least online a price compare is just a right-click and search away and you can take the time to ensure you are getting a great price. Amazon is already ramping up their gold deals, as have most online retailers.

I’ve listed a few of the GameStop deals that I’m interested in, but there are more in the flyer linked below. Just make sure that some of these items are limited quantity. I have had decent luck checking the website in the past, but inventory is a tricky business and it is likely that the actual stock in the store may differ from what the website claims.

  • Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Packs, $25 off
  • Disney Infinity 2.0 Starter Packs, $25 off
  • Disney Infinity 3.0 figures, buy 2 get 1 free
  • $10 extra credit trade of Xbox One or PS4 games, toward Halo 5
  • Gamestop exclusive Funko Star Wars pops

More deals can be found here: GameStop [Pre] Black Friday Deals and here:

While we’re talking about Black Friday, check out the fake deals that Obvious Plant posted at Target. I never realized just how much I wanted a falcon until just now. The Nerdwriter posted a great video, last year, about Black Friday and like a good geek he even cites his sources. Check it out below.

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