Wonder League Robotics Competition

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I just mentioned Dash & Dot’s new Wonder app last week, and here’s a cool opportunity to put it to use. The Wonder League Robotics Competition uses Dash & Dot to simulate a space mission: performing gravity slingshots, collecting samples, and so on. The event is open to kids ages 6 to 11, and you must register a team by November 1.

The first six missions are all outlined in the video below and in the challenge document. The final mission will be released in mid-November, and then all of the solutions must be submitted (via YouTube videos) by December 1. Prizes include additional t-shirts and additional Dash robots for team members, but the grand prize is a STEM field trip that includes a visit to Google, EA, and the folks behind the Minions at Universal. (You must be in the US to be eligible for prizes, though anyone is welcome to participate in the challenges.)

You will, of course, need Dash & Dot to participate, plus a few other supplies. Don’t have a robot? Use the coupon code COMPETITION for $20 off a Dash & Dot Pack when checking out on the Wonder Workshop website.

For more information about the competition, visit the website.


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