SnapPower Makes It a Snap to Add USB Charging to an Outlet

Electronics Gadgets

A while back, I included the SnapPower Charger as a top Kickstarter gadget project. Well, they funded, started producing the outlet covers that easily add USB charging, and now you can buy them retail.

SnapPower sent me a couple to try out, and I’ve got to say they work 100% as advertised. It took me less than 5 minutes to install one; it’s exactly like replacing a normal outlet cover, and only requires a small flathead screwdriver to execute. The SnapPower cover has two prongs on the inside that make contact with the existing connection points on most standard outlets (duplex and decora, but no GFI). It’s nearly foolproof to install, and is perfectly safe.

Being able to charge devices at an outlet without using up a plug space, or needing anything more than the appropriate cord is really useful. The cost for a single cover is $20, but you can save when you buy in quantity so you can take advantage of them throughout your house. Check out the colors and types available at

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