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The wrath of Firefly! (Image via FOX)

This week we open with Butch asking Galavan for a job, giving him the story that he is no longer with Penguin. This is part of the Penguin’s plan to free his mother from Galavan’s clutches. In the last episode Penguin made it look convincing by removing Butch’s left hand. Galavan gets the input of Barbara Kean, who thinks it would be fun to put things on his stump, such as a mallet or a chainsaw. Butch is in! Galavan simultaneously gains the support of a perilously perched politician for his mayoral race.

Image via FOX
Poor Butch. (Image via FOX)

Jim Gordon works over an arsonist in an effort to find Firefly, who killed one of the members of his strike force in the last episode. The remaining members tell Gordon they have to report his rough handling of the arsonist to Captain Barnes.

Bridgit is staying with Selina. She can’t go home because she killed a cop, and she has no money. Selina suggests that she will help her acquire some money.

We are shown what human trafficking looks like in Gotham, and it is not pretty. Young women are being auctioned off to the highest bidder. This is where Selina plans to acquire the money for Bridgit, who is more concerned about helping the victims. Selina storms in, attacks a guard and steals his gun, then announces that “This is a robbery!” Bridgit appears to shed some light on the situation. Some fool steps up to say that he is not afraid, and is met with Bridgit’s flame. The girls collect the money and run. I have to say I was disappointed with this scene. As you may know if you read my previous recap, I am eternally optimistic that Selina will make good choices. I thought that she would help the captured women escape. Instead, Bridgit is the one who looked to consider it, but then ran off instead.

Thank goodness I wore my fireproof jacket (Image via FOX)
Thank goodness I wore my fireproof jacket. (Image via FOX)

Captain Barnes and Jim Gordon have a tense discussion about crossing lines. Gordon says that he has learned the hard way that Gotham has gray areas. Barnes shows Gordon the security footage of the robbery. Gordon recognizes Selina and is off to find her and Bridgit.

Cut to the future Batcave, where Alfred is fulfilling his promise to train Bruce Wayne. They are sparring with some boxing gloves when Alfred catches Bruce in a headlock. Bruce promptly bites his way out of the hold, impressing Alfred.

Why the mouth area is open on Batman's cowl (Image via FOX)
This is why the mouth area is open on Batman’s cowl. (Image via FOX)

Back at the station, Edward Nygma overhears a conversation between Kristen and Dr. Thompkins. Kristen says that Ed is gentle, too gentle. She likes her men to have some fire. This surprises nobody who has seen her past choices of “men.” Kristen feels like Ed is hiding something and wishes he would open up. Ed pops in with a terrible joke (What do you call a three-legged cow? Lean beef, or supper at his house) and a cup of coffee for Kristen.

Would a psychopath do this to your coffee? (Image via FOX)
Would a psychopath do this to your coffee? (Image via FOX)

Bullock is interviewing the future Poison Ivy in an effort to find Selina. He starts it by saying “Ginger to ginger.” Nobody talks like this, do they? Bullock is able to get Selina’s location from her, so I guess it worked.

Bullock and Ivy "Ginger to ginger" (Image via FOX)
Bullock and Ivy: “Ginger to ginger”. (Image via FOX)

Selina and Bridgit are talking when the Pike brothers roll up in their van and abduct Bridgit. Selina returns to her place to gather some weapons. Just then Gordon bursts in and is met with a shotgun being aimed at him. Selina explains that Bridgit was forced to set all the fires by her brothers, and it is their fault the cop died. Gordon asks Selina to let him handle it, and promises to look out for Bridgit’s safety.

Back at the Pike place, Bridgit is chained up to a radiator and has firecrackers thrown at her until she agrees to rejoin her brothers.

Sets people on fire, afraid of firecrackers (Image via FOX)
Sets people on fire, afraid of firecrackers. (Image via FOX)

Butch (and his new mallet-hand) meets up with Penguin to let him know that he is in with Galavan. Penguin is not impressed since Butch has yet to learn anything about the location of Penguin’s mom.

Stop! Hammer time! (Image via FOX)
Stop! Hammer time! (Image via FOX)

Bridgit is geared up as Firefly and returns to see her brothers. One asks “What are you going to do, kill us?” She simply replies “Yep,” then lights them up. The scene is intense, with a close up of Firefly’s mask, and the burning visage of her abusive brothers reflected in each lens of her goggles.

Firefly's vengeance (Image via FOX)
Firefly’s vengeance. (Image via FOX)

Bullock and Gordon arrive too late to save the Pike brothers. Always the one with the best lines, Bullock points out that he hates how it always smells like good barbecue. Bullock is also the first one to name Bridgit “Firefly.”

Butch finds the remote to the video feed of Penguin’s mom. Galavan appears and complements Butch on his loyalty… to Penguin. Butch explains that he has been brainwashed and has to do exactly what Penguin says. Luckily, Tabitha Galavan is here to help. It is safe to say that we are treated to the best whip versus hammer-hand battle in the history of television. Galavan announces that dinner is in an hour.

Tabitha: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Whip, Hammer champion (Image via FOX)
Tabitha: 2015 Rock, Paper, Scissors, Whip, Hammer champion. (Image via FOX)

Selina visits Bridgit, and it is clear that she is losing her grip on reality. She really enjoyed burning her brothers. Bridigit is going after all the pervs and anyone else who hurts people. Selina pretends not to care, but then gives Bridgit a big hug.

Selina has feelings! (Image via FOX)
Selina has feelings! (Image via FOX)

Bruce Wayne is the guest for dinner at the Galavan’s. Bruce has recently become smitten with Silver St. Cloud, the ward of Theo Galavan. Tabitha shows up late for dinner with some telltale blood on her cheek.

Silver St. Cloud and Bruce Wayne enoying dinner (Image via FOX)
Silver St. Cloud and Bruce Wayne enjoying dinner. (Image via FOX)

Ed and Kristen are eating dinner, when Kristen says “Please, tell me everything. Do not hold anything back.” Uh-oh. Ed doesn’t seem to understand that there is a middle-ground between being too gentle, and killing her last boyfriend. He seems poised to tell her the truth, but instead they kiss…

Selina phones Gordon to tell him where she thinks Bridgit is going: back to the human trafficking ring, which was surprisingly not shut down despite the fact that the police had video footage of the robbery that occurred there.

A youngster using a phone booth. The fakest Gotham scene ever. (Image via FOX)
A youngster using a phone booth. The fakest Gotham scene ever. (Image via FOX)

Firefly is setting fire to some of the scum of the earth. I am impressed with the fire. Most of it looks pretty real to me, even though I am sure that it is a combination of real fire and CGI. Firefly sets the girls free.

Firefly exits the building to find herself surrounded by police. Gordon tries to talk her down, but she isn’t interested. She lights up her torch┬ábut is met with a bullet from an officer. The bullet hits a fuel line┬ábut remarkably does not ignite. Firefly takes aim at a police car. The care explodes, causing her fuel line to catch fire. Firefly goes up in flames.

Firefly's fire backfires (Image via FOX)
Firefly’s fire backfires. Say that three times fast. (Image via FOX)

Galavan tells Bruce that Sid Bunderslaw is missing and was involved in some shady dealings at Wayne Enterprises. Galavan tells Bruce that he knew his father was a good man, but bad things happened at his company. Galavan would like to help Bruce tackle the problems at Wayne Enterprises once he becomes mayor.

Don't do it Bruce! (Image via FOX)
Don’t do it Bruce! (Image via FOX)

Selina is holding a gun on Dr. Thompkins. Gordon comes home to see this, and he just says “Hi, Selina” like it’s no big deal. Gordon has to tell Selina that Bridgit is not going to make it. Selina feels betrayed because Gordon said he would help her. Selina says that he won’t go after his little friend, leading Gordon to figure out that Penguin was the one who hired the Pikes.

Ed and Kristen are talking, and she expresses her concern that her ex-boyfriend Tom will come back. Ed tells her that he doesn’t need to worry about that. Kristen says that Ed is sweet, but he is not a fighter and couldn’t take Tom on. This upsets Ed. He tells Kristen that he killed Tom. She laughs and thinks it’s a joke… until he goes into more detail. He shows her Tom’s police badge, which he apparently kept as a trophy. Kristen freaks out and calls Ed a sicko and a psychopath. Ed grabs her around the neck and expresses that he loves her and did it for her. He does not realize that he is killing her until it is too late.

Nygma descending into the Riddler (Image via FOX)
Nygma descending into the Riddler. (Image via FOX)

In an underground lair, two men are transporting Bridgit on a hospital gurney. They say that her suit burned to her body, and she is now fireproof. That is why they are sticking her down here with the other monsters. Bridgit catches a glimpse of some horrific testing being performed, as well as a mysterious lady in a black leather suit, and what looks to be a pro-wrestler in bandages. A sign on the wall tells us that this is Indian Hill, a division of Wayne Enterprises.

Who is this mysterious lady? (Image via FOX)
Who is this mysterious lady? (Image via FOX)

Final Thoughts: While I was a little disappointed to not see any mention of the Order of St. Dumas in this episode, I was pleased with several other things:

Edward Nygma’s continuing spiral into darkness.

Firefly getting a chance to light things on fire.

A hammer for a hand (obviously).

Continued character development for Selina.

The image flashes at Indian Hill. Who was the woman in black? She looked like she could be Catwoman, but we already have a Selina Kyle. Who was the bandaged man? Did we get a first look at the Bane of Gotham? What do you guys think?

Could this be Bane?! (Image via FOX)
Could this be Bane? Triple-H?! (Image via FOX)
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  1. I just got into Gotham recently and binge watched to catch up. Season 2, unsurprising based on the “Rise of the Villains” tagline, is proving to be exactly what I hoped the show wouldn’t become; a Batman show without Batman. When Gotham was first announced, as a show about Jim Gordon, I was interested. Foreshadowing some villains can work; seeing Penguin rise through the ranks in Season 1 was excellent, but I fear they’re going to go the Smallville route and load up on familiar villains before the hero is even established (which is part of the reason I stopped watching Smallville, “The Blur” or whatever was just lame).

  2. I did the same thing with Smallville! I quit a couple episodes into season 9 when I heard it was renewed for season 10. Then, when it was announced that season 10 would be the last, I binge watched season 9 to get caught up, since I knew we would finally see Superman. The biggest problem I see is that it is going to be many years until the actor who plays Bruce Wayne is old enough to become Batman. As much as I enjoy the show, I have doubts that it will be around long enough to see that happen. I am just sitting back and enjoying the strange ride!

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