D.I.Y. Star Wars: R2-D2 Garbage Can

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ECCC-droidsI’ve been called a neat freak many times before, and apparently this is a genetic trait because a couple of days ago my two-year-old asked for a garbage can in his new big boy room. (Transitioning to a big boy room article coming soon!)

R2D2GarbageCan-BeforeSo after I picked him up from daycare, we headed over to Lowe’s to see what sorts of small garbage cans they carry. Since his room has a robot and space theme, I was picturing something small, stainless steel, and futuristic looking. After a small detour down the Christmas tree aisle (we haven’t even had Halloween yet, people!), we headed to the garbage cans. I quickly decided that spending $20 on a trash can for a toddler was a little ridiculous, and then I saw this perfect little Umbra flip top lid garbage can for only $5. Visions of what it could be danced in my head, and my son was enamored with the flip top lid which sealed the deal.

R2D2GarbageCan-AfterAfter he went to bed, I swiped his garbage can from his room, broke out all of my colored Sharpies, and went to work. I loaded up a couple of reference pictures on my phone and went to work, free-handing in all of the shapes and panel lines. After 45 minutes, I had a recognizable R2-D2 garbage can. This was a lot easier and turned out a lot better than I had expected.

Now it might not be as cool as this $250 R2-D2 trashcan, but when my son woke up and I showed it to him, his smile and screams of “R2-D2! R2-D2!” were absolutely priceless.

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4 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Star Wars: R2-D2 Garbage Can

  1. This is so cool! That looks AWESOME! Definitely making one for myself!
    Tip for others, if you’re not confident with your drawing abilities, you could use colored tape!

    1. That’s a great idea! It would last longer too I’m sure. Ours is still mostly intact but there are a few spots where the marker has rubbed off.

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