‘Marvel’s Damage Control’ Coming to ABC

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damagecontrolMarvel announced today that its comic series Damage Control would be getting a half-hour comedy pilot, and hopefully full show on ABC.

For those not in the know, Damage Control is the name of the company in the Marvel Universe that comes in to clean up after the heroes and villains are long gone–think of all the rubble and rebuilding they had to do after Avengers! The best thing about Damage Control was that it was a comedy comic book and the show promises to also be a comedy.

Damage Control was always a book I looked forward to when I was a kid because it fit nicely between all of my super hero books. It was always a nice break between the action and spandex and fighting and seriousness. I doubt the show will have the same star-studded cameo cast that the comic did, but I still can’t wait to see the pilot!

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