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Ever since I got my first smartphone I’ve been on the lookout for a great portable keyboard for when I need to write more than a few quick sentences. I fondly look back on the days (10 years ago) of my Palm Handspring Visor and my Targus Stowaway keyboard, and have been consistently disappointed in the keyboards until I received the iClever Portable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard.


I had high hopes for the iClever keyboard after how thrilled I was with their Bluetooth running earbuds, and it does not disappoint. The keyboard is barely bigger than my iPhone 6, which means it pack and travels great. The keyboard even comes with a nice velvety drawstring bag (that can double as an emergency dice bag) to keep it from getting banged up in your backpack. The iClever keyboard doesn’t just work with iPhones and iOS either. It’s also compatible with Windows and Android and easily syncs to your device via Bluetooth.


The keyboard has a very slick, very durable aluminum exterior, and a very nice black matte interior finish. The key feel is great and quiet, and all of the special functions (volume and playback controls, search, etc.) worked perfectly with my iPhone 6. The keyboard charges easily via microUSB, though it does have an auto-off and folding the keyboard closed automatically turns off the power to conserve battery life.

The only negative thing I can say about this keyboard is that I wish the right Shift key was to the left of the up arrow. I keep hitting up instead of Shift, which is never a good mistake to make. I’m sure with more regular use I’ll get used to it, and it certainly isn’t a deal breaker.

Though the list price for the iClever Portable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard is $99, it is currently on sale at Amazon for only $33. It’s such a great deal that I highly recommend it for anyone who needs to type a lot (say writing an article for a website) on the go.

Note: I received a review unit but all thoughts and opinions above are my own.

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