5x Video and 5x Tabletop: 10 Excellent New Game Projects on Kickstarter This Week

Reading Time: 1 minute



Friday the 13th: The Game

Are you Jason Voorhees or a camp counselor? An asymmetric teen-slasher game.

The Forgettable Dungeon: Online Co-op Dungeon Crawler

You and 14 of your pixelated friends bash through boxy bosses.

Mist Valley

Just in time for Halloween, crawl the ceilings in search of truth and terror.


Futurist Jesse Schell takes you into the darkness of dead space.

Wanderer 2

JRPG-style sci-fi with cinematics and a dog.



Giant mechs roam pastoral landscapes. From veteran creator Jamey Stegmaier.

Kodama: The Tree Spirits

Add cards to grow your tree and house spirits through the seasons.

Kill Doctor Lucky

The evil twin of Clue. A ’90s-era classic returns.

Blackout: Journey Into Darkness

“Venture out into the Northern Wastes in search of glory and renown.”

Tiny Swords

Lightning-fast duels are the thing in this cute card game.


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