Exclusive Preview: ‘Harley Quinn #20’

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Since being relaunched by the creative team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, Harley Quinn’s new series has been a consistent bestseller, but, more than that, it’s a darkly funny take on DC’s favorite psychopath, even providing the occasional pathos as Harley tries, but usually fails, to do the right thing.

In this exclusive preview of Harley Quinn #20, Harley travels to Los Angeles in her own unique style. DC’s description of the issue:

Like Los Angeles didn’t have enough problems with DC Comics moving in, now Harley Quinn is determined to take over Tinseltown! She’s an overnight entertainment sensation, but will the industry survive Harley’s fifteen minutes of fame?

Note: May not be suitable for children. See above about the series’ dark humor. 



Page 1
Page 1
Harley Quinn, Green Lantern
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Harley Quinn, Hal Jordan
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Page 4
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page 5

Interior art is by John Timms.

Harley Quinn #20 is available Wednesday at local comic shops and digitally to Comixology.com.

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