Turn Plastic Rings into Bat Bling!

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Image: Lisa Kay Tate
From cheap plastic rings to cool Batman-inspired jewelry. Image: Lisa Kay Tate

DC Comics has now declared Batman Day to be an annual event, celebrating what they boast in their publicity as the “World’s Most Popular Superhero.”

It’s only proper to accessorize accordingly.

Here’s a way to make some unique bat jewelry out of those cheap plastic novelty rings that I’m assuming are now a legal requirement for most birthday goodie bags and carnival game prizes. All it really takes is some paint, rhinestones, and ambition.

First, use small wire cutters to clip the back off the rings, unless you really want it to remain a ring. Be careful with this step. Some backs are really flimsy, but some may be a little thicker than others. This leaves a little shaped template to work with without the ring back in the way.

The easiest way to improve on these is with a paint job, particularly those cheapy Halloween bats. Even if the ring is already black, go over it with some black glossy craft paint to give it a more finished look. Once dry, use a toothpick and glossy white craft paint. This is really very easy, and is great for Halloween or Dia de Los Muertos as well. Using some jewel adhesive or a glue gun, tack it onto a pin back or hair clip.

bat before:afrer
A simple paint job will give those little plastic bat rings a whole new identity. Images: Lisa Kay Tate.

The Bat Logo necklace is a little more complicated, but still easy enough for kids and beginner crafters. Lightly cover the entire surface of the ring with jewel glue or tacky glue and cover the bat outline with small black craft rhinestones. There’s already an image to follow, so no drawing skill is needed.

Use clear, yellow, or gold fine glitter, and allow the image to dry again. Once dry, cover the entire surface with decoupage glue. Mod Podge makes a “Dimensional Magic” type used in bottle cap crafts that works well for this.

To make it a necklace, form a loop out of beading wire and use either a glue gun or E6000 jewel glue to place it on the back. Hang with a black piece of ribbon or silk cord, and you wouldn’t even know it was brought home from a school birthday party.

logo before:after
Clip off the ring back and make a loop with some sturdy beading or craft wire to finish your upcycled “bejeweled” bat. Images: Lisa Kay Tate.

Now, here’s the best part: If “die fledermaus” is not your style choice, this works with any plastic ring. Try painting them, decoupaging magazine images, or adding string art, rhinestones, or seed beads to any of these oversized rings, and turn them into little bits of wearable art.

ring ideas
It just takes a little imagination to turn those plastic trinket rings from clutter to custom jewelry for all ages. Images: Lisa Kay Tate.

I’ve had more than one person compliment my little cheap Batman logo, asking me where I got it. One even asked me if I got it at a Hot Topic.

“No,” I tell them. “It came off the top of a grocery store cupcake.”

Top image: Lisa Kay Tate.

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