Meet the Magical Girls of ‘Zodiac Starforce’

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This summer Dark Horse Comics is bringing a new magical girl team to comic book store shelves, Zodiac Starforce! Zodiac Starforce kicks off the new all-ages miniseries by Kevin Panetta and Paulina Ganucheau on August 26. 

From the get-go the story feels like a fresh take on the magical girl story so familiar to fans of Sailor Moon. The first issue opens not with the team meeting each other for the first time and discovering their new destinies, but years after the Big Bad has been defeated. Each cadet has reacted to the end of their fight differently, either missing the action or ready to move on with their teenage lives. But when a monster suddenly reappears, the girls must band together again to uncover the reason why.

The energetic, candy-colored art, characters with personalities that pop off the page, and familiar magical girl elements make this first issue a must-buy for any fan of the genre.

Meet the team below thanks to these sparkly character cards created by Zodiac Starforce artist Paulina Ganucheau.

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GeekMom received a promotional advance copy for review purposes.

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