national kids day

Today Is National Kids Day

Events Hacking the Holidays
national kids day

This weekend has been positively packed with holidays–sort of.

July 31st was the birthday of the Boy Who Lived (as well as that of his creator, J.K. Rowling), while yesterday was the birthday of HAL Laboratory’s pink puffball Kirby. Today, however, is not a birthday.

Instead, on this, the first Sunday in August, we celebrate National Kids Day. This unofficial holiday encourages parents and other caregivers to spend a little additional quality time with the children in their lives.

I’m sure the GeekDad contingent currently at GenCon would recommend sharing your favorite board, role-playing, or other tabletop game with your kiddos. Similarly, my contacts at Nintendo of America were quick to suggest a family rules Super Smash Bros. tournament or another turn around the tracks of kid-friendly cart racer Mario Kart 8.

Whatever you do, just enjoy your time with your kids, and feel free to share your experiences here in the comments or via social media using the hashtag #KidsDay.

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