Kickstarter Alert: Beautiful RPG Coasters

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RPGCoasters-FeaturedWooden coasters depicting RPG classes are my new favorite thing I didn’t know I wanted or needed. Alex Ingram is producing a beautiful set of class-specific coasters on Kickstarter.

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The Game Master dragon eye is my favorite of the set. Photo by Will James.

I recently received my long-awaited gaming table from Geek Chic, and, though I got the optional cup holders, I was very worried about people setting their drinks on my table and messing it up. When Ingram reached out to me about his coasters, I jumped at the chance to give them a try.

The walnut RPG Coasters match perfectly with my table accents. Photo by Will James.

The coasters are available in three types of wood–walnut, maple, and cherry. My table is maple with walnut accents, so I opted for the walnut coasters to further accent and contrast the light wood of my table. When the package arrived and I pulled out my coasters, I was quite literally in awe of how beautiful these are.

The five designs of the basic set. Photo by Will James.

The basic set of five coasters includes four class coasters (Fighter, Cleric, Rogue, and Wizard) and a Game Master coaster. The artwork and level of detail on these are amazing. I will be sporting these on my game table every time I have friends over.

No need to worry about scratching your table. Photo by Will James.

In addition to looking awesome when face up, the coasters are packed with a nice thick felt ring to prevent any possible scratching of your surface. They also sport a cool RPG Coaster logo and eye.

My son hasn’t stopped playing with these coasters. Photo by Will James.

My son was holding it up to his face and pretending it was some sort of all-seeing eye. His favorite one seemed to be the Game Master. How apropos for a two-year-old.

Works great for beer. Exploding Kittens and Shadows of Brimstone eagerly await to be played. Photo by Will James.

If you have a gaming table, even if it isn’t a nice one you want to protect, these coasters are something you need to have at your game night. Head over to Kickstarter and jump on this campaign. You won’t regret adding these to your gaming table. You can optionally get custom names printed on your coasters, and stretch goals will unlock more classes (I really want to see the Druid one.)

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