August Is Bad Dad Month on GeekDad

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baddadSelf-awareness and a willingness to admit when we’re wrong is an important trait in any parent, and GeekDads are no different. Indeed, we bring a whole range of bad habits to the table (or the couch, or the workbench) of which other parents might not even conceive. Eight years ago, we at GeekDad started Bad Dad Month as an exercise in confession and commiseration, and we’re doing it again. The GeekDads are going bring you stories all month about our own foibles as role models (especially the really geeky slip-ups). To start things off, let’s revisit the list that our Editor Emeritus Chris Anderson included as part of the very first Bad Dad Month.

Bad Things We Did Today (before 9:00am):

  1. Looked at Airsoft guns online and tried to decide between fully or semi-automatic machine pistols. I explained the need for training and rules. “To improve my aim?” asks the 11-year-old. “No. To stop you from shooting your brother.”
  2. Told the 7-year-old he could continue selling Pokemon cards to other kids in camp, even though they’re clearly being ripped off. Hey, it’s their lunch money!
  3. Accidentally said “ass”, “damn” and “crap” in front of the kids. Before breakfast.

What things have you done that might qualify you as a “bad dad,” and what (if any) were the repurcussions? Let us know in the comments!

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