Architechnologist’s { DeviceDiary } Vol. 5 Is Here


It’s mid-summer here in New York City and that means it’s time for the { DeviceDiary }… awesome innovations come fast and furious in the month or so before the heat starts, then we simmer for the summer.

As always, this fifth issue of the { Device Diary } gives a special home to the amazing technology that crosses our path but does not quite fit into our purview… and satisfies the desire to share the excitement.

Please enjoy this edition of the Device Diary and we will continue to bring the awesomeness to you. We started this list when it became clear that the cutting-edge technologies that change the way we experience the world will, inevitably, create all manner of consumer electronics, devices and accessories for them. The { DeviceDiary } is our place to keep all these wonderful toys. It’s a pleasure to share ten more examples of technology and related products, all of them ranking high in the “cool, I need that” category.

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