Kickstarter Alert! Woodie – Italian Design Meets the Power Hub

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IMG_6Italian design firm Woodie Milano is on a mission to bring style and function to the power strip. They could have stopped at¬†providing a “power hub” that offers outlets (customizable to meet your country’s standards), fast-charging USB ports, and Qi-compatible wireless charging. But then, being the Italian designers they are, they took it a step further and wrapped the electronics in gorgeous materials. You can choose from Italian-sourced marble or wood (you know I’m a sucker for wood) or ultra-modern finished concrete. There’s even a micro-suction cup pad on the bottom to help it stay put when you go yanking out your cords.

Woodie1The result is Woodie. And with a little less than three weeks to go in their Kickstarter[the Kickstarter ended successfully – check out their website!], they’re close to¬†50% of their funding goal. I’m hoping that they make it, because it’s a rare event when you get a product that’s as pretty as it is functional. Besides, everyone could use a little more Milanese design in their home.

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