Schlage Touchpad Door Locks are Today's Amazon Daily Deal



We’ve mentioned Schlage’s line of touch-pad deadbolt locks before on GeekDad. I have one on my own front door, tied into our Iris by Lowe’s home automation system, so that I know every time someone locks or unlocks the front door, wherever I am. So you can take it from me that it’s a solid, and pretty nifty product. Well, they’re on sale today at Amazon for $140 for a variety of styles, which is a pretty good deal.

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1 thought on “Schlage Touchpad Door Locks are Today's Amazon Daily Deal

  1. I’ve had 2 of these locks. They are a cool lock … when they work. Both of my locks had the keypad die on them (one within a week and the second within 4 months). I’ve switched to a less feature-rich smart lock from (but still a smart lock) from Weiser and it’s been rock-solid for about 6 months now. Personally, I won’t be buying another Schlage lock any time soon.

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