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Kickstarter Alert: SandOut Shoes

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SandOut Shoes

One of the highlights of my summer has been taking my family to the beach. We love getting away from it all and playing in the surf, retreating under an umbrella to read a book, and to relax. However, if you’re like my 6-year-old daughter, the only downside to the beach is the sand. “It gets everywhere!” she complains loudly as we try to hose her down. Fair point. As any beach bum or playground aficionado knows, sand will find a way to creep into any nook or cranny and, once it gets its uncomfortable grip on you, it seemingly never lets go. That is, unless you happen to be wearing  a pair of SandOut Shoes.

SandOut Shoes explained

If you’re the parent of a kid under the age of seven, then you know the hassle of sand finding its way into your kids’ shoes. The creators of SandOut Shoes have billed them as “The world’s only sand-proof shoe” by designing shoes (and sandals) that vent out the sand that would normally be trapped causing discomfort and frustration. SandOut Shoes fit in the category of inventions that you didn’t know you needed until you saw it, then realize you can’t live with out it. Also, as with most good ideas comes the notion, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

SandOut Shoe product technology diagram

Looking at their pricing structure, it appears that the regular price of SandOut Shoes is $35, but a limited number of early bird pairs are available for the discounted price of $20. The patented footwear drains sand or water, provides ventilation, and, I imagine, offers relief for sensory aware children and neat-freak parents alike. Be sure to check out the hilarious Kickstarter video which details the sand-busting features of the shoes, references unicorn farts, and even a featured appearance from the 1985 Chicago Bears!

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