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Quiver Gaming Gear Mats–Available for a Limited Time

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Quiver Gaming Mat closeup

Last summer I wrote about some mats for your gaming table, including the Quiver Gaming Gear mats, which was on Kickstarter at the time. The project successfully hit its goal, and after some manufacturing delays, the mats were all shipped this spring to backers. Now, Quiver is taking pre-orders for a reprint of some of the original designs, so it’s a great opportunity if you missed the Kickstarter campaign.

I’ve been using my mat since last summer–even more once I got a rectangular table for my game room that was big enough for the mat, and I love it. (I had to trim about an inch off the edge to make it fit.) If you’ve been reading my game reviews over the past year, you’ve seen a lot of photos of game components on a grey background–that’s the Quiver Gaming Gear mat.

Battle Sheep end game
The Quiver mat in action (with Battle Sheep). Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

The mat is a polyester material with a heavy rubber backing: it’s grippy enough to stay in place, but it’s also stiffer than those neoprene playmats. If I need to slide it, I can pull it or push it around–with most playmats, you have to pull because it’ll bunch up otherwise. The top surface, unlike the big mousepads, is more like a felted surface. It has worn a bit over time, which was expected, but generally I haven’t had too much of an issue with pilling–it’s more just fuzzy.

Quiver has been working on some as-yet-unannounced gaming accessories and new styles for the gaming mats, but that process is taking a while with the manufacturers so those are not quite ready yet. For now, though, Quiver is going to have a limited second print run of some of the original designs.

Quiver Mats
“It’s a Trap” (top) and “Light of Knight” (bottom) available for pre-order.

To order, fill out this survey form.

The “It’s a Trap” design features a starfield, and the “Light of Knight” is grey with some polygonal shapes (the one that I use). Here are the sizes and prices available–shipping is included for the continental USA:

Quiver Light: 36″ x 36″ (only available in “It’s a Trap” pattern) – $65
Quiver Standard: 36″ x 48″ – $74
Quiver Shield: 38″ x 58″ – $89

If you order more than one mat, you can get the additional mats for a discount:

Quiver Light: 36″ x 36″ (“It’s a Trap” only) – $60 each
Quiver Standard: 36″ x 48″ – $65 each
Quiver Shield: 38″ x 58″ – $79 each

For shipping outside the USA, Quiver will contact you with the shipping charges, which you can accept or cancel. Orders will be open for a few weeks, and then expect 2-8 weeks for production.

Happy gaming!

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2 thoughts on “Quiver Gaming Gear Mats–Available for a Limited Time

  1. Thanks for the heads up on this; Jonathan! Recently, I’ve been calling around to see if anyone could make mats this large. No custom play mat companies that I spoke with could accommodate large mars unless I bought them in bulk. This is a great find for families who are always gaming. Hopefully I got the survey form filled out in time.

    1. Kevin at Quiver Gaming Gear told me he’ll have orders open for 2-3 weeks, so if the survey was still up when you went there, I think you’re good to go. Hope you enjoy your mat as much as I’ve enjoyed mine!

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