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Pauls-featuredWhat kid doesn’t want their very own playhouse in their backyard? But what if instead of a tired old house, you could build your kids a Mech, a rocket ship, or a UFO playhouse? Enter Paul’s Playhouses with all your awesome playhouse needs.

Jack’s playhouse. Photo by Will James.

Several years ago, I ordered some plans online and built my first playhouse for my nephew, Jack. He was two-years-old at the time and being a complete amateur and lacking a lot of tools, it took me an entire summer to finish it. But at the end of the project, he and I were both thrilled with it, and it was so well made that it has even survived being moved several times!

Fast forward to a couple of months ago, and my wife and I were discussing a playhouse for our two-year-old. I didn’t want to build another of the same playhouse for our son, so we have been considering getting a Gorilla playset to make things easier. Luckily before we pulled the trigger, I learned about Paul Gifford and his playhouses.

Mega Mech. Image provided by Paul’s Playhouse.

Gifford sent me one of his biggest and most awesome plans for the Mega Mech inspired by a Timber Wolf/Mad Cat from Battletech. How awesome would it be to have one of these in your yard? And how envious would all the other kids (and let’s face it your neighbors) be? Unfortunately, this is a little too big for our yard and too ambitious for my skill set though after looking through the plans, I’m confident I could do it if I wanted to. At $40, these plans are amazing if you wanted to have this beast in your yard.

Rippin’ Rocket Ship. Image provided by Paul’s Playhouse.

Browsing through the rest of Paul’s Playhouses, I came across the Rippin’ Rocket Ship plans. After drooling over it for a while, I showed it to my wife, and she was as excited about it as I was! Gifford was gracious enough to send me the plans, and I’ll be doing a walk through of our build in the somewhat near future. Look out for it if you’re interested! Looking through the plans, they are much more detailed and easier to follow than the plans I used to build the “normal” playhouse even though the rocket ship is much more complex and quite larger–it’s 20 feet tall.

UFO Playhouse. Image provided by Paul’s Playhouse.

Gifford also has a ton of other great options from a fire truck to a hobbit house. There are even simpler, less expensive plans if you aren’t quite so ambitious. Paul even sent me a couple of sneak peeks of new plans he’s working on–a jet fighter and a UFO–both of which also look pretty amazing.

Jet Fighter plans. Image provided by Paul’s Playhouse.

If you have the yard space and want an awesome playhouse that will make your kids extremely happy and your neighbors very jealous, head over to Paul’s Playhouse.

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  1. The mech is fantastic but you’d have to design the rockets to be nerf launchers and the laser cannons to raise up and down and be giant water cannons!

  2. Just curious if you’ve gotten around to building the rocket ship yet. I’m considering it, but was hoping to see someone’s completed project and lessons learned first!

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