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Whether they are kids books I read at my daughters’ ages, or adult books I want to share with them some day, I like to re-visit old friends I’ve made since I started reading.


stackoverflow-oldfriends-cover3Most recently, I’ve been diving back into the Star Wars universe. With the new canon, there are lots of new writers (Kevin Hearne, Chuck Wendig, Paul S. Kemp) in the universe, as well as many who have been working there for years. Ranging from the Jedi Academy series for young readers, to the new canon adult fiction started in A New Dawn, there’s plenty for all types of readers in the Star Wars world to tide them over until Episode VII comes out.

stackoverflow-oldfriends-cover2My oldest daughter is starting to read chapter books. I always loved kids’ detective fiction, specifically the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, when I was her age, so I’ve been picking up some of the Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew books for her. These bring me right back to my childhood reading times and the reasons I got hooked on reading in the first place.

stackoverflow-oldfriends-cover1For my youngest daughter, at just three years old, I don’t have as clear a memory of old friends. She’s got a great sense of humor, so I tend to pick up books that will engage her and make her laugh. Recently, I got her a copy of Dragons Love Tacos and How to Babysit a Grandma, both of which were big hits with her.

What are some of your old friends and favorites?

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