The New ‘Star Wars #6’ Comic Book Blew My Mind

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A major in-canon change to the Star Wars universe happened in yesterday’s new Star Wars comic book. Warning: Huge spoiler to follow!

Spoiler Warning

Let’s start with a little background. When Disney acquired Star Wars and announced the new line of films, books, and comics, they also claimed that anything outside of the films and cartoons was no longer canon. The current Star Wars comic series, written by Jason Aaron, takes place immediately after A New Hope.

Due to the Disney retcon, many people were worried about what that meant for Han and Leia, their future, and their children. Well, apparently we were worried for good reason. In Star Wars , we meet Sana Solo, who claims to be Han’s wife! The first question that came to mind was what happens to her that Han and Leia don’t seem bothered by her existence by the time Empire rolls around?

The second thing that popped into my head was Finn. John Boyega’s character in The Force Awakens has been shrouded in mystery and rumor. Many have thought he may be the child of Leia and Lando, which I didn’t buy. But maybe he’s Han and Sana’s son?

Or maybe Sana is going to die or disappear shortly and have no lasting impact on Han or Leia. But this is a major change to one of the main characters in Star Wars. I was okay with Disney killing all of the extraneous material, but I hope they don’t start changing the existing material with things that don’t make sense and play well with the existing universe.

For more details and to see the page from Star Wars  and Sana herself, head over to io9.

What do you think of what Disney is doing to the Star Wars universe as we knew it?

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6 thoughts on “The New ‘Star Wars #6’ Comic Book Blew My Mind

  1. I think Disney should have left well enough alone… Yes, the EU got a little weird after Jedi, but leave the canon material around the original films alone! What happens to Shadows of the Empire now?

    1. Personally, I never read any of the EU novels, but I did read a lot of the comics, and I feel like they could have still done everything they wanted to with the new films without killing it, but I’m also not that attached to it since most of my favorite EU stuff was the pre-history stuff.

      But that being said, I’m most concerned with them changing the actual core canon history of the films. As much as I hate the thought of them doing stupid gimmicky things to garner attention, I really hope Sana Solo is just that and she ends up not having any real purpose or meaning just so it doesn’t impact what we already know.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Yeah, it’s things like this that make me cringe when thinking of their new setup. They seem terribly invested in cramming as many “different” things in their series, that they’re coming very close to violating what used to be a golden rule — the movies are the prime canon. Nothing should make the prime canon make less sense.

    Solo being married, unless it turns out to be a hoax, con, or some other nonsense, makes the whole Empire-Jedi arc of Han and Leia’s relationship make less sense.

    I’ve not liked the new Star Wars comic at all, for a multitude of reasons (number one being Disney managed to give the “main cast” even more plot armor than they have ever had, which is saying something). Darth Vader, which I’ve enjoyed more, still skips any attempt at character building by having Darth Vader’s successes being quick, one-two page plot dumps, instead of showing him actually overcoming any challenge, or even being seriously faced with a challenge (and this is the guy who got outwitted by his daughter and an R2 droid in Hope).

    Kanan: The Last Padawan, as short as it is, has actually been pretty interesting and well written — oh, look, and it’s a Disney original character, not someone attempting to write an existing character. They should REALLY do more of that, because, so far, it’s been good!

    Didn’t read past the first issue of Leia, I was getting displeased with Star Wars/Leia feeling a lot like the VERY recent (and better quality) Dark Horse relaunch that occurred just before Disney acquired Marvel and put the kibosh on existing series.

    1. I keep hearing great things about Kanan so I think I need to check it out! I really do hope that Sana turns out to be a “we got married when we were kids and haven’t seen each other in 10/15 years and she just wants a divorce.” It will have been pointless and gimmicky but at least it won’t really have an impact on the story as we know it. If it IS anything more than that, it really undermines a lot of what we thought we knew about their love story in Empire and Jedi.

      I don’t mind if they want to fill in some of the gaps and even add some flavor to make the new films make more sense, but, like you said, they shouldn’t make existing canon make less sense or meaningless.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Can you recommend recent Star Wars comics omnibuses (bundled together in one bound book) that are appropriate for kids ages 7-10? I dig comics, but the price point can be high and the material is often inappropriate for kids. Thanks!

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