Marvel Announces Jon Bernthal to Star as The Punisher

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daredevilpunishMarvel’s Daredevil is arguable the best super hero show on the small screen and many might even say it’s the best screen version of a superhero period. Marvel’s announcement today that Jon Bernthal will join the cast in season two just makes me all the more excited for what’s next.

I reviewed Daredevil when it first showed up on Netflix, and I can’t wait for next season. Bernthal, best known for his role as Shane on The Walking Dead, will join the cast of Daredevil as Frank Castle, The Punisher. We’ve seen several previous screen renditions of The Punisher, some good, some bad (you know what I’m talking about,) but now that I have Bernthal in my head as The Punisher, I can’t imagine anyone else playing this role.

Images of Steve Dillon’s Punisher and Daredevil immediately burned themselves into my brain, and Bernthal is the perfect Dillon Punisher. What do you think of this casting? Will Bernthal be the best Punisher we’ve seen? Based on his portrayal of Shane, I have no doubts.


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